Sega Reboot Leaked Via Online Resume

By Lauren Alessandra on May 24, 2011, 3:59PM EST

Upon searching around on Griptonite Games Environment Artist Branden Brushett's profile on linkedIn, Superannuation, of twitter fame, spotted something of upmost interest; a possible revival of the Shinobi franchise.

Apparently, Mr. Brushett had listed in his resume a project titled "Shinobi 3DS". He goes on about how he "created whole levels for 'Shinobi' on the Nintendo 3DS including many props for use in a variety of environments."

With all of the other reboots in the mix, a reboot of Shinobi seems very doable. The last Shinobi spin-off, Nightshade, premiered in 2004 on the Playstation 2. It had primarily negative reviews opposed to the original games which were praised for their high production quality and also their high level of difficulty.

Perhaps SEGA shall give us all some clarification on this title come E3.

Source: Eurogamer

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