Sony Develops 'SmartAR' Technology

By Colin Tan on May 23, 2011, 1:42AM EDT

Sony have developed a state of the art augmented reality tech, dubbed SmartAR. Like any other AR applications, the tech enables devices like smartphones to display additional information, be it visual or textual, that isn't usually there in the first place.

Unlike other AR apps, Sony's SmartAR forgoes the traditional markers in addition to utilizing 3D space recognition and high-speed tracking. It "combines 'object recognition technology'" with their own "proprietary '3D space recognition technology." This enables SmartAR to recognize general objects like photos and posters without the use for markers.

"Furthermore, information can be acquired or navigated by simply touching the AR information directly on the screen of the smartphone or other device, thus achieving an intuitive and seamless user interface that is unique to 'SmartAR.'"

Source: Sony

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