Sony EVP Announces The Next Step In PlayStation

By Lauren Alessandra on May 26, 2011, 6:49PM EST

While everyone's buzzed about the newly announced Project Cafe, EVP and chief financial officer of Sony Masaru Kato may have pulled Nintendo's spotlight away momentarily with a very interesting announcement.

According to Kato, the development for the company's next-gen home system, the PlayStation 4, is already underway. Apparently the system has already been factored into costs for the company's full year financial results.

However, don't be set on this little number coming out any time soon as head of Sony's global games development team, Shuhei Yoshida claimed last year that the PlayStation 4 will not be released until after Nintendo and Microsoft have released their next-gen home systems. This is not a new trend for the system as even last generation, the PS3 was released well after the XBox 360. He also predicted that because the Wii did not even support HD resolution, they might be the first to move. His prediction was spot on.

No word yet if Sony will be releasing information on the PlayStation 4 this E3, but we can always hope.

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