Starhawk Multiplayer Detailed, Weapon Pickups Here To Stay

By Colin Tan on May 24, 2011, 2:58AM EDT

LightBox prez Dylan Jobe has released a few burning tit bits about Starhawk and its features. Much like Warhawk, the game is going to feature two flight modes, server lists and online matchmaking, and don't worry, weapon pickups aren't going anywhere.

According to Jobe, they "weren't willing" to compromise controls and force everyone to stick to one single flight mode. As they would have it, there's both a simple, default control setup as well as an advanced mode just like Warhawk's "pro" flight mode.

In addition, LightBox is including both servers lists and matchmaking for online multiplayer games, giving you the choice between quickly jumping into a game or browsing for what suits you best.

Starhawk also features a new over-the-shoulder camera that closes in on your character when you use a weapon's zoom.

More importantly, weapon pickups are back and here to stay, confirmed a rather surprised Jobe.

"It was interesting to see the Tweets from people who were scared that we might be going to a class-based load out approach. No! We still have pickups," he said. "And getting a weapon is not limited by rank. That kind of thing just doesn't work for our type of gameplay."

"In fact, weapon pickups are an important part of Build & Battle. For example, If you want your team to have 'snipers,' you can build lookout towers which include the sniper rifle pickup," Jobe explained. "Or, if you want some heavy weapons, you can build a supply bunker to get a rocket launcher and a shotgun."

Jobe can also confirm without worry of termination threats from Sony that there are space environments, but won't be showing anything until the boys and girls at LightBox are "100% happy with it."

Source: PlayStation Blog

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