Tales of Graces f Coming In 2012, Abyss 3DS - Both Confirmed For Europe

By Shawn Collier on May 11, 2011, 2:28AM EDT

Tales fans have been patiently waiting for an official release date for Tales of Graces f, which was announced earlier this year for a North American release. European fans have also been waiting for an official announcement for their territory. At Namco Bandai's Level Up 2011 press event, the publisher has officially announced their plans for the game, as well as Tales of the Abyss 3DS.

Tales of Graces f (the f stands for "future") has an extra post-game story which takes place after the game's original ending. Without spoiling anything, there seems to be an increase in the monster population, which increases the amount of monster attacks around the world. This causes Asbel and his group to set off once again to determine the cause behind the recent disturbance. Tales of the Abyss 3DS is a 3DS port of the original PS2 version of the game with 3D visuals and fixes many of the bugs that were present in the original version.

According to Namco Bandai, Tales of Graces f will hit North America and Europe sometime in 2012 solely on the PS3. Tales of the Abyss 3DS was reconfirmed for a 2011 release in North America, but the European release was not announced outside the company's plans to bring the game to that territory.

UPDATE: According to these tweets, the 2012 release date was only for Europe. This might mean a 2011 release is in the cards for North America and could be announced next month at E3.

Source: Tales Union

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