Twitter Speculation: Kojima Cancels Unannounced Project?

By Colin Tan on May 24, 2011, 10:57PM EDT

In the latest in tweets coming out from the creator of Metal Gear Solid "” no, it isn't some fancy food "” Hideo Kojima mentions that whatever it is he was working on for the past year has "become meaningless."

Speculation has gone wild, with the most worrisome guess being that one of his unannounced projects may be looking at the bottom of a dust bin at this moment.

"I cannot bear, and cannot be positive," tweeted Kojima, who then said in another 140-words-or-less, "What I prepared minutely spending a year became meaningless."

Perhaps his Metal Gear Solid: Rising or one of his unannounced projects have bit the dust "” or perhaps everyone's just overreacting, it is Twitter and Kojima's been known to share his daily outings on a regular basis.

Then again, Raiden voice talent Quinton Flynn has yet to hear anything about reprising his role as the cyborg ninja, saying on Twitter that he's currently not involved, nor has been given any reason to believe that he will be.

Source: Twitter

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