US Senator Praises Sony's Response To PSN Breach

By Colin Tan on May 11, 2011, 3:27AM EDT

US Democrat senator Richard Blumenthal has expressed his praise towards Sony for their response on the matter of the PlayStation Network security breach, suggesting that they "could serve as a model for other companies facing similar criminal hacking."

Blumenthal was among the first politicians to contact Sony with questions when details of the security breach was made public. Along with his questions was also the demand to offer customers free credit monitoring services as well as two years worth of identity theft insurance.

Sony was quick to agree to the demands, as customers in the US will be offered one year of free credit monitoring service alongside a one million dollar insurance policy.

"I welcome Sony's strong first step toward protecting millions of consumers whose personal and financial information has been compromised," said Blumenthal in a press release.

"While I continue to believe that Sony should have warned users earlier, I am pleased they are providing protective measures including an insurance policy to cover identity theft harms to consumers within a twelve-month window "“ but I would hope Sony would extend coverage over a longer time on a case-by-case basis if necessary."

"Sony's response to preventing similar attacks in the future could serve as a model for other companies facing similar criminal hacking," he added.

"The crime perpetrated on Sony and PlayStation Network users is part of a larger troubling trend of cybercrime, and a reminder that our laws and data security resources must keep pace with advancing technology. I look forward to working with Sony and others in the future to determine the best way forward, and continue to urge the Justice Department to pursue the criminals who attacked Sony's information system."

The identity of the hackers still remains unknown, although security experts are quick to point at a splinter cell within the hacktivist group Anonymous, which was recently struck as well, supposedly due to an internal divide among its members.


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