Call of Duty Elite Beta Starts July 14

By Adam Ma on June 6, 2011, 11:30AM EST

FPS fans will be able to get a lot more info on Call of Duty Elite pretty soon as Activision has officially announced that the premium service will go to live Beta July 14. That's not to say that it will have all of its features available in July, it will just a small taste of what the premium service has to offer. A full list of features is set to go live with the launch of Modern Warfare 3, so those participating in the beta will be doing so through Black Ops multiplayer.

Though the beta is starting just a short month and a half away, and over a million gamers have registered for it so far, there's still very little information on what the service will be all about. Will beta subscribers for Black Ops testing gain all of the prior map packs? What will the mobile apps be about? Will I be able to send all my favorite tomahawk kills to my phone for mobile gloating? Then of course, there's still no word as to how much the service will cost.

Whatever the case may be, with the beta coming up so soon it shouldn't be long before more information regarding the service is brought forth.

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