David Jaffe Hints At Post-Twisted Metal Project

By Jordan Douglas on June 23, 2011, 8:29PM EDT

David Jaffe, best known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal, has openly discussed his desire to work on smaller-scale projects in the past, so it comes as little surprise that a "self-financed, indie" project is on his radar. Speaking with us during E3, Jaffe mentioned he has "two roads" in front of him. Going further, he said: "I'm talking to Eat Sleep Play and Sony about some really cool, big things next, but I'm still on the other end kicking around some ideas, saying 'Hey, I'd love to do a self-financed, indie-type thing'."

On the subject of his next project, Jaffe had this to say: "My next project and decision will be mainly based on my gut. You know the kind of games I make, I'm not out there making beautiful, evocative, emotional things like Flower or Journey, but I do come from the same place. What I mean is checking in with my spirit, checking in with my gut. What do I feel like I need to do at that time? I'm 40, I turned 40 last month so it's even more pressing. What do I want to do with my time on this planet? Every time an opportunity comes up to make a game, it's about checking in and figuring out where you want to spend your energy, because it's very finite.

"Right now I have two roads in front of me. One is a really exciting opportunity with Eat Sleep Play and Sony. The other is doing this self-financed, balls hanging in the wind, taking my own money and seeing where the chips fall. They both really excite me like crazy, and I don't know which one it will be. After the show, after we wrap up Twisted Metal, I gotta go 'Okay, what do you want your life to be about next?'. That's how I'll figure it out."

For more from David Jaffe head over to our full interview, covering his career, future projects, Twisted Metal on PS3, thoughts on the creative process, predications on the fate of Nintendo's Wii U, and so much more.

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