DICE Responds To Disappointment Over PS3 Battlefield 3 Footage

By Colin Tan on June 17, 2011, 3:43PM EDT

DICE premiered Battlefield 3 running on the PS3 on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show just last night and while the game looks great on the system, some gamers were still left disappointed by how "downgraded" it looks, supposedly when DICE had assured console users that the game will look the same across all platforms.

In response to the disappointment, DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson tweeted, "why would anyone expect that console would look the same as PC? if that was the case we would have failed with the PC version."

DICE general manager Karl Troedsson pitched in that the demo was still in pre-alpha stages, suggesting that things can only get better once it hits alpha and beyond.

You can see the debut footage of Battlefield 3 on consoles through here. What did you think about it?

Source: GamersThirst.com

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