Good Communication Key To PlatinumGames' Success

By Colin Tan on June 8, 2011, 12:50PM EST

We caught up with PlatinumGames today to check out Anarchy Reigns, their up-and-coming multiplayer brawler, and were curious as to how the studio pumps out quality titles within such a short span of time, each to critical acclaim, while other devs fall short.

"It's probably our communication," said game designer Hirono Sato. "Our studio is not huge, everything is fit in one floor so it's really easy to stand up and talk to other departments and other guys who are working on the same project. It really contributes to speedy and more efficient communication between each other."

"And also, if you work on the same project for 3 or 4 years, we were getting bored so we try to make it quick," producer Atsushi Inaba chimed in.

What's more interesting is that Plat's office is pretty much an open space, with no partitions or cubicles, allowing for some really "efficient" communication.

"And we don't have partitions in our office so if something goes wrong, you'll be public knowledge," joked Sato. "Instantly."

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