Here's Some Resistance 3 Trainyard Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

By Colin Tan on June 4, 2011, 1:36AM EDT

Insomniac's put out some new multiplayer gameplay footage of Resistance 3 in action. Set on the Trainyard map, the footage showcases some good old team deathmatch, complete with various boosters and new weaponry, including a rather beefy rocket launcher.

If you take a close enough look, the Chimera and humans have different HUDs. They also have faction specific Berserks. Humans get a riot shield while the Chimera can cloak. You'll be able to customize your own loadout and upgrade your weapons the more you use them.

No word on the closed beta yet, but expect more announcements to be made next week. A new multiplayer map is set to be revealed by then.

Source: PlayStation EU Blog

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