I'm 'Ashamed' By How Twisted Metal PS3 Started - David Jaffe

By Jordan Douglas on June 24, 2011, 2:16PM EDT

Nobody can claim David Jaffe doesn't where his heart on his sleeve. In an interview with us during E3, Jaffe was very open about his motivations for getting involved in his current Twisted Metal PS3 project, stating he was "ashamed" of the way it started. Twisted Metal was "a business decision" that came out of "a place of fear," but he went on to say that he soon realized his "genuine love" for the series and now considers it "a passion project."

On the subject of why he got into Twisted Metal PS3, Jaffe said: "Calling All Cars comes out, it didn't tank but it wasn't a hit. I had come off God of War - which was a hit both financially and creatively - and Scott had come off Twisted Metal: Head On - not a Game of the Year, but was successful financially. We thought, 'Hey, we both like having hits... Fuck! This sucks not having a hit'. So we decided to do a Twisted Metal, because fans had been asking for it for a long, long time.

"I regret... I'm ashamed of the way we greenlit Twisted Metal. I'm ashamed that I didn't stick to my guns more and say, 'Yeah, we got knocked down [with Calling All Cars] and it wasn't a hit, but we still want to do something original like that. Let's wipe your bloody noses and get back in the fight'. I am ashamed that I didn't have the balls to continue and instead said, 'Well, we know we can have a hit with Twisted Metal, so let's make a great game with that'.

"We started Twisted Metal as a PSN game and it wasn't love as first sight. But what ended up happening, as we started developing it we realized after about a week that we still genuinely loved it. We think there's a lot more here that we had just forgotten about, because we were away from it for so long. The gaming gods were smiling on us and said. 'We know you didn't get into this with the purest of artistic intentions, but we're going to remind of how much you still love this universe and have to offer it'.

"So it actually worked out really well. Now I look of Twisted Metal as a passion project, but it did not start out that way. It started as a business decision that looking back I regret. I don't regret making Twisted Metal, I regret that it started out of a place of fear and not pure creative respect for the game process. Sometimes things work out, but I still always have that feeling of 'Jaffe man, you should've...' Well, that's you how you learn. I heard a great quote from Jay-Z, who said 'I don't know how you can learn from success, you can only learn from failure'. So I'll never down it again."

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