Insomniac Talks Enemies & AI In Resistance 3 Dev Diary, Beta Coming Soon

By Colin Tan on June 30, 2011, 6:01PM EDT

Resistance 3 is out in a matter of months, but Insomniac Games are still hard at work applying the finishing touches. In the meantime, the Insomniacs have released yet another dev diary, this time talking about the Chimera and the artificial intelligence that powers them.

On the topic of the beta, Community Manager James Stevenson stressed that it'll be coming soon and despite the initial cancellation due to the PSN outage and the short span of time between now and release, the beta "will still very much be a beta, and [they] will be updating it and creating patches for Resistance 3 over the course of it."

Resistance 3 is out September 6 exclusively for the PS3. There's a ton of pre-order bonuses and even a PlayStation Move bundle that was announced earlier this month.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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