Nintendo Sneaks Out Paper Mario 3DS Trailer

By Adam Ma on June 7, 2011, 11:39PM EDT

Just when I thought I had reached the evenings apex of adorable from Nintendo, they slip out this Paper Mario 3DS trailer that really lays down the cute. Those familiar with the Paper Mario series shouldn't find too many surprises here, but it's still looking like a rather fun title so far.

The gameplay is pretty standard featuring Mario hopping up and down on a pretty wide variety of things, although it looks like the RPG styled combat system may of loosened up a little from the previous games. Its a little disappointing that Paper Mario didn't get a more official release announcement, but Nintendo probably knows thats because the game will sell like hotcakes anyway.

Check out the trailer below for a little more of the sweet paper-plumber action that 3DS owners will get to enjoy.

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