Steam Summer Camp Sale Kicks Off, Loads Of Cheap Games

By Colin Tan on June 30, 2011, 5:29PM EDT

The Steam Summer Camp Sale has kicked off and with it a ton of cheap and affordable games! The sale runs from June 30 to July 10 and discounts run as high as 85 percent off. Brace your wallets people as there is plenty to grab.

Everyday starting today until July 10, there'll be a new sale, new featured titles and new publisher packs to grab at discounted prices. Today's sale has games like Recettear and Bit.Trip.Runner for 75 percent off. Medal of Honor's 66 percent while The Witcher 2 is discounted at 33 percent off.

Steam's even implemented Achievements that'll give gamers a chance to win in-game goodies through Prize Tickets obtained by accomplishing said Achievements. There's also a Grand Prize Giveaway in which gamers get the chance to get the top ten games in their wishlist. Gamers are entered into the giveaway every time they earn a Prize Ticket.

For more details, head on over to Steam.

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