Street Fighter X Tekken Gets Unique Bonus Character For PS Vita

By Adam Ma on June 6, 2011, 10:25PM EDT

Capcom has officially announced Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS Vita, and with it will come along a little surprise. Cole from the inFAMOUS series will be making a guest appearance, exclusive only on the Sony version of the game. There's very little information providing his playstyle so far, but fighting game fans should at least rejoice in knowing that Cole will be tossing down lightning both the Vita and PS3.

Though the title is expected to launch sometime in 2012 it would appear the the game is already fully up and running on Sony's new handheld, with the PS3 version playable on both Sony and Capcom's E3 booth. We'll provide more information regarding the title as soon more is made available.

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