"The New Version Of The Wii Fell Far Short" According To Japanese Analyst

By Nick Young on June 8, 2011, 12:39PM EST
Wii U

Nintendo Co and its new high definition console, the Wii U, has come under question by a series of Japanese Analysts.

The major concern is whether the Wii U will repeat the success of its predecessor, the Wii, which has recently had a price drop to invigorate its diminishing sales. The other concern would be the unexpected fall in Nintendo share prices after the new system was revealed.

The Wii U, which was officially announced yesterday, was met with mixed reactions from the public mainly due to its controller. Boasting a 6.2-inch touch screen, front-facing digital camera, an expansion SD card slot and game controls on a flat pad, the controller was everything that previous rumours had already divulged.

One Analyst in particular, Yusuke Tsunoda from Tokai Tokyo Securities Co, said "People had expected to see something more at a big event like the E3, but there wasn't really anything more than what's already reported".

Nintendo President Satora Iwata needs the Wii U to be a success in the gaming market, a goal made much harder by the rising competition of Apple, Sony, Microsoft and even Facebook.

Source: Bloomberg.com

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