Uncharted 3 Collectors Edition, Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

By Colin Tan on June 2, 2011, 3:25PM EDT

Brace your wallets ladies and gents. Naughty Dog have detailed the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Collector's Edition as well as retailer specific pre-order bonuses!

Included in the North American chest is a steelcased edition of the game, replicas of Drake's belt buckle and ancestor's ring. Here's the kicker, a Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake figurine, all packed nicely in a Traveller's Chest for your treasure hunting convenience. How much does this cost, you may ask. Well, only $99.99, which is especially low considering it comes with a Sideshow Collectibles figure.

As for pre-order bonuses:

Regeneration Booster, from BestBuy
Nets you the regen booster, increasing your rate of recovery.

Carpet Bomb Kickback, from Amazon.com
Blanket your enemies with three grenades in one throw with this Kickback Medal.

Clip Size Mod for Para 9/G-MAL, from Amazon.com
Increase your clip size and spend more time shooting enemies before reloading.

Creepy Crawler Kickback, from GameStop
Turn into a swarm of deadly creatures for a limited time and overwhelm your enemies!

Callout Mod for AK-47, from Wal-Mart
Equip a laser sight on your AK and mark whoever you're shooting at for the entire team to see.

PSN Avatar & Static Theme for PS3, from all other participating retailers.

Now don't you people across the pond worry, Naughty Dog has a similar treat in store for Europe. There's a Special Edition designed after Drake's journal and includes many art works and the such. There's also a PSN voucher to redeem several multiplayer goodies like London Drake and Pirate AK-47; an Upper Cut taunt; Cash Multiplier; and Special Edition decals with which to pimp your multiplayer avatar.

The Collector's Edition will also be available in Europe, but possibly packed in a different box. It includes the aforementioned multiplayer DLC plus the respective pre-order bonuses. It seems like Sony and Naughty Dog are also trying to additional items like a Nathan Drake passport holder and 3D lenticular image. The pre-order bonuses are the same as NA's, but no retailers have been specified yet.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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