Angry Birds Catapults Into China Questing For 1 Billion Fans

By Colin Tan on July 20, 2011, 6:37PM EDT

Angry Birds is set to catapult itself over the Great Wall and into China in a quest to find a billion fans. The game's already one of the most top pirated products in China, but developer Rovio believes they can offer fans something better than just copies.

"We are betting everything on Angry Birds," said Peter Vesterbacka, head honcho at Rovio. "We want to be the first entertainment brand with a billion fans. That will take us two or three years to do. Next year, we want to be the leading entertainment brand in China."

Angry Birds already has over a 100 million monthly active users and that's a user-base that grew like sunflowers on steroids. According to Rovio's data, its growth is faster than any other technology brand in history.

On the topic of piracy in China, Vesterbacka said: "you can't really fight that except by making better products than the copies," Vesterbacka said. "Instead of sending lawyers, we are building products."

Fully aware of how difficult it is to create a hit like Angry Birds, (51 games released prior to Angry Birds) Rovio has plans to fully expand on the brand of Angry Birds, even outside of the little casual game and into more home and social areas like the kitchen and perhaps even your bed.

"Game makers buy into their own bullshit," Vesterbacka said. "You think you can make hit after hit. We know how hard it is to do that, so we are betting everything on Angry Birds."

The company has plans for manufacturing plush toys based on the popular cartoon characters, but it doesn't just stop there with "Angry Birds magic" being built into the toys. Rovio will also be releasing a cookbook titled "Bad Piggies Secret Egg Recipes" that shows various ways of preparing eggs.

Source: Venture Beat

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