Atelier Totori Gets A Ton Of Beautiful Screenshots

By Colin Tan on July 27, 2011, 5:23PM EDT

You've seen the screenshots of Disgaea 4, now see the ones of Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, sequel to JRPG Atelier Totori: The Alchemist of Arland. NIS America have released a rather huge batch and the game is looking great.

Totori follows the tale of Totooria Helmold, a young alchemist in training in search of her missing mother. There's plenty of item synthesis to be had and you can expect both new and familiar faces in this new adventure.

The game is out September 27 on PS3.

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adventurerslicense(4) 7 Quest(1)

Quest(3) Quest(7) Quest(9)

Quest(11) items4 hom_sys1-(2)

hom_sys1-(3) hom_sys1 adventurerslisence3

battle2 assist_3 5-2

2-2 3 5-1

1-2 2 Ceci-1

Ceci-3 Chim-1-1 Chim-1-3

Chim-2-1 Chim-2-3 Cord-1

Cord-2 Cord-3 Cordelia1

Filly-1 Filly-2-1 Filly-2-2

Filly-3-1 Filly-3-2 Filly-3-3

Filly-3-4 Gino-1-1 Gino-1-2

Gino-1-4 Marc1 Marc-1

Marc-3-1Marc-3-2 Marc-3-3

Mel-1 Mel-3 Mimi-1

Ror-1 Ror-2-1 Ror-2-3

Ror-3 Rorona sterk

Sterk-1 Sterk-2-2 Sterk-2-4

Sterk-2-3 totori-2

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