Atlus Releases Full Trailer Of Devil Survivor Overclocked

By Colin Tan on July 7, 2011, 2:53PM EST

Atlus have released the full trailer for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, an RPG for the 3DS. It'll be the first Shin Megami Tensei game to make its debut in North America before anywhere else, even Japan.

"Poised to be the first roleplaying game to arrive in North America for the recently launched handheld, Devil Survivor Overclocked offers the perfect blend of pure JRPG action, deep but accessible strategy, and a dark tale of survival in a city crippled by a supernatural lockdown," reads the press release.

See it all in action below, Devil Survivor Overclocked is scheduled for release on August 23. You can find out more about the game at the official site.

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