First Dishonored Details & Screenshot

By Colin Tan on July 12, 2011, 2:21PM EST

Dishonored was recently announced by Bethesda, a new first person action game that revolves around assassinations and letting players tackle them as they please.

According to the GameInformer reveal, you play as Corvo, legendary bodyguard to the Empress. Lucky for Corvo, she's been killed and the corrupt Lord Regent has pinned the blame on him. Corvo's imprisoned at the start of the game, but what the Regent doesn't realize is that Corvo has some very special, supernatural abilities. Together with his natural abilities and gadgets and, well, he's legendary for a reason. Corvo can combine his powers, freeze time and even possess little critters to do his bidding.

"You can combine them organically to create interesting effects. Stop time and knock a bunch of stuff off a table in one direction then book it in another, so the guards search for you in the wrong place. Summon a swarm of rats to attack one guard, but possess one of the rats and escape in the chaos. Every problem has as many solutions as you want it to."

Dishonored is co-created by Deus Ex's Harvey Smith and Arkane Studio founder Raf Colantonio, while the art is being handled by Half Life 2 artist Viktor Antonov. The duo states that they want to empower the player to be creative with their solutions.

"The two share a vision of a game that gives players the power to be creative with their skills and tactics, and invites them to come up with interesting solutions to the obstacles in front of them."

Running behind-the-scenes is a chaos system that tracks how much collateral damage you leave in your wake, affecting the game world. Unlike other games that use a similar system, this will not punish the player or force to play one way or another.

Source: GameInformer

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