Halo Designer Joins Sucker Punch Productions

By Colin Tan on July 15, 2011, 9:30PM EDT

Previously part of the ranks of Bungie Studio, Halo designer Jaime Griesemer has joined up with Sucker Punch Productions, the creative arm that brought the industry games like Sly Cooper and inFamous, now that Bungie's getting a little bit crowded.

"When Bungie and I parted ways, I didn't really have a plan," Griesemer told Joystiq in an interview. "I knew I wanted something different; I'm just not comfortable on an enormous team with a lot of process "“ it's creatively stifling."

"In the end, I found a great team and a fantastic opportunity just across the street at Sucker Punch Productions. It's a smaller team, very collaborative, they've got enormous talent and they are very hungry -- they want to take it to the next level and are willing to put in the effort it will take to get there. It reminds me of where I was ten years ago, only now I have a lot more experience I can rely on. It's a great match, and it comes with a lot of new challenges for me as a designer. Plus it's just great to get back to work making games!"

Source: IndustryGamers

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