Huge Disgaea 4 English Screenshots Blowout

By Colin Tan on July 27, 2011, 4:42PM EDT

NIS America have released a huge dump of screenshots of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, all in English. The long awaited cult hit finally sports high resolution visuals and even more over-the-top mechanics expected of the franchise.

Unfortunately, the Western release of Disgaea 4 has had to undergo some "minor adjustments" in order to comply with regional regulations. The map editor has some restrictions placed on it. For example, fans won't be able to create maps block by block, but by picking from preset landforms instead.

It's out September 6 exclusively on the PS3, in the mean time, enjoy the screenshots!

ob_0-0 ob_0-2 ob_0-3

ob_0-6 ob_0-8 ob_0-9

ob_0-10 ob_0-11 bn_0-0

bn_0-1 bn_0-3 bn_0-5

bn_1-0 bn_1-1 bn_1-2

bn_2-0 bn_2-1 bb_8-2

bb_8-3 bb_8-4 bb_5-0

bb_5-1 bb_5-2 bb_6-0

bb_6-3 bb_7-0 bb_7-1

bb_7-2 bb_7-3 bb_8-1

bb_0-0 bb_0-1 bb_0-2

bb_1-0 bb_1-1 bb_1-2

bb_2-0 bb_4-1 chara_val00

chara_val01 chara_vulcanus00 chara_vulcanus01

chara_warrior story02 story03

story04 chara_redskull chara_shaman

chara_special01 chara_thief chara_heavyknight

chara_magicknight chara_maskedhero chara_onmyo

chara_professor chara_redmage chara_fuka00

chara_fuka01 chara_genin chara_gunner

chara_healer chara_exorcist chara_bouncer

chara_desco00 chara_desco01 chara_archer

chara_beasttamer chara_biosuit

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