Microsoft Gets Served With Lawsuit Over Kinect

By Colin Tan on July 22, 2011, 3:14PM EDT

Microsoft has been served a lawsuit over Kinect and its motion tracking patent by Ohio-based firm Impulse Technology. The firm claims that the motion tracking peripheral infringes on seven of their patents for motion technology that tracks users and allows them to play games without a controller.

Apparently, Impulse had notified Microsoft of their patents before filing the suit. Said patents covered a "wide variety of games where the movement of a player is tracked in three dimensions ... and certain exercise games where the motion of the player is tracked to effect movement of a virtual avatar, and the exertion of the user is monitored, including where the tracking of the player is done by use of a camera."

Impulse alleges that Microsoft had willfully infringed on their patents. The firm also named several third party publishers as defendants, including Konami, Sega and EA for making sports and other Kinect related games that infringe on Impulse's technology.

The technology firm is seeking a permanent injunction against Microsoft, as well as damages, interest, as well as attorney's fees.

Source: Patent Arcade

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