Portal 2: Songs To Test By Volume 2 Out Now

By Colin Tan on July 1, 2011, 7:59PM EDT

Valve has released the second volume of their Portal 2: Songs to Test By soundtrack series, adding another 18 tracks from the game. The soundtrack's readily available for download and won't cost you anything except maybe ten seconds of your busy schedules. That or GLaDOS will use you for testing, you know, for the rest of your life.

Tracks include I AM NOT A MORON and PotatOS Lament. See the full track list below "“ also, you can grab all 22 tracks from the first volume if you haven't already at the ThinkwithPortals.com.

  • You Will Be Perfect
  • Halls of Science 4
  • Bots Build Bots
  • An Accent Beyond
  • Robot Ghost Story
  • Die Cut Laser Dance
  • Turret Redemption Line
  • Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
  • Almost at Fifty Percent
  • Don't Do It
  • Vitrification Order
  • Music of the Spheres
  • You Are Not Part of the Control Group
  • Forwarding the Cause of Science
  • PotatOS Lament
  • The Reunion
  • Music of the Spheres 2 (Incendiary Lemons)

In other news, Steam has kicked off their Summer Camp Sale with a ton of great deals. The Bit.Trip games are on sale today along with several Star Wars classics.

Source: PC Gamer

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