Rayman Origins UbiArt Middleware To Be Free For All

By Colin Tan on July 13, 2011, 2:08AM EST

Rayman creator Michel Ancel has said that the middleware that powers Rayman Origins, UbiArt Framework, is planned to be open-source at some point, noting that the industry's tendency to keep everything to themselves is holding back the creativity.

"UbiArt has been built to be shared," Ancel told Develop. "It won't be like other games technologies, which are often just locked away," he said, adding that the highly factionalised games industry is being held back by its lack of collaboration.

"If the guys who invented the paintbrush only kept it for themselves then fine art [would be in a sorry state], it would be ephemeral. So yes, I want [UbiArt] to be open source, I want it to go out and be shared and evolved."

He goes on to use Disney as a prime example of sharing work processes for the benefit of creatives: "If you look at the best artists at Disney for example, they create incredible books and artwork and share their processes "“ it's interesting because those same people are happy to look at how other artists are developing their style. That whole medium has evolved on the basis of sharing ideas. But in games we lock it all in a black box and keep it to ourselves.

"A lot of independent developers fail or struggle because of that trend. We need to be more open. I don't believe that keeping the technology to yourself is interesting. I want someone to look at our game and be inspired to use the tools to be artistic themselves. It is more interesting to have a community and share our content."

Source: Develop

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