Rusty Hearts Dev Diary Talks Intense MMO Combat

By Colin Tan on July 14, 2011, 7:56PM EDT

When you think of MMOs, you'd automatically think of WoW with its ability hotbar, cooldowns to spells and the like, that is unless you've been sleeping under a rock all this time. With Rusty Hearts, it's a completely different ball game. It's an MMO, but its core gameplay is that of an intense brawler.

Each character in Rusty Hearts has their own backstory and motivations, but more importantly, they each have their own unique fighting style. Rusty Hearts also supports both gamepads and keyboards, with fully customizable controls to fit your play style.

The Rusty Hearts closed beta test launches on July 27, you can check out the official site for more information as well as sign up for the beta! Watch the dev diary with Product Manager Mark Hill below!

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