Sony Names PSP Remaster Tech 'The PSP Engine'

By Colin Tan on July 1, 2011, 7:42PM EDT

Sony's named the technology that powers their newly announced PSP Remaster program: The PSP Engine. Sony's Kentaro Suzuki introduced the tech at the Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2011, explaining some of the features that it offers to developers.

Features include,

  • High res rendering
  • Control (with Dual Analogue support) through wireless controllers (Dualshock 3/Sixaxis)
  • 3D stereoscopic output
  • Ad-hoc Party unification
  • Main memory and graphic memory expansion
  • Common save data

The PSP Remaster program brings some of Sony's most popular PSP games to the PS3, complete with high definition visuals, 3D support and even shared data. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is currently spearheading the project, followed by the God of War 'Origin' Collection.

Source: IndustyGamers

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