Square Enix Announces 'Word To Your Moogle' Tour For Final Fantasy XIII-2

By Colin Tan on July 19, 2011, 4:40PM EST

Square Enix have announced a mini-tour called "Word to Your Moogle" in lieu of the impending release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in January 2012. Much smaller than FFXIII's bus tour, Square Enix will kick it off at this week's San Diego Comic-Con, followed by two other locations in the coming months.

The tour itself is a bit of a competition, tasking fans to piece buttons together in order to form a word. Fans will receive an envelope with said button inside from Square Enix staff after trying out the demo. They'll then have to locate other fans with buttons to form a word, if they're lucky, they'll get the word of the day and win some prizes, including discounted merchandise, official Word to your Moogle tour t-shirts and more importantly, a signed copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 when it launches next year.

Other locations in addition to the San Diego Comic-Con, which is happening this weekend from July 20 to July 24, include the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle (August 26-28) and the New York Comic-Con which takes place on October 13 through 16.

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