Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches With 19 Major Worlds

By Colin Tan on July 26, 2011, 1:33AM EDT

Star Wars: The Old Republic, EA and BioWare's largest venture yet, is said to launch with 19 major worlds with BioWare planning to add even more in the years, decades even, to come.

"Well, I can say that we have 19 major worlds," Senior Creative Director James Ohlen said. "Then we have an indeterminate number of minor worlds. And our goal, obviously this being an online game, that we're hoping is going to last for decades, we're going to be, obviously, adding more to the galaxy map as the game progresses.

"We want to add dozens of worlds. Hundreds of worlds eventually. In 2025, we'll hopefully have 500 worlds."

The Old Republic is easily one of EA's biggest ventures, featuring an online world based on one of the most iconic sci-fi universes, not to mention voice acting for every character and a story-driven experience.

EA's promised a release sometime this year, but not before a series of beta test weekends in September. The beta is open only to selected players.

Source: Eurogamer

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