Team Fortress 2 Mod Blocks Free-To-Play Players From Private Servers

By Colin Tan on July 1, 2011, 8:57PM EDT

Team Fortress 2 recently went free-to-play, quickly climbing Steam's top ten ladder and becoming the most played game, topping even Counter-Strike. However, it seems that with the influx of new players, unhappy paid TF2 vets are going the extra mile to kick them from their servers using a mod called "Free2BeKicked."

The mod has been confirmed to be in use on several private servers, much to the annoyance of free loaders - uh, I mean, newcomers, and automatically bans players with a free version of Team Fortress 2.

Many are calling for Valve to ban the mod, but since it's being used on private servers, there's really nothing they can do. Meanwhile, non-paying players can still join plenty of other servers as well as Valve's own official ones.

A work-around the mod involves purchasing something from the store, since it'll then recognize you as a paying customer, no matter if you bought TF2 or not.

Source: Joystiq

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