The Cursed Crusade Gets Price Cut Before Release

By Colin Tan on July 14, 2011, 6:20PM EDT

Atlus has a lovely surprise for you crusaders. The Cursed Crusade is getting a price cut even before it gets a chance to land on store shelves. Rather than the usual $59.99 price-tag, The Cursed Crusade will retail for a much more affordable $39.99.

"Set against the backdrop of the Old World, two adventurers--both seasoned warriors--will quest across a Western Europe ablaze with the turmoil of a newly begun Fourth Crusade. Denz, a holy Templar, and Esteban, a roguish mercenary, may have different origins, but their motivations are the same: amidst the danger and despair of a new Crusade, to find the means to deliver themselves from a terrible curse that threatens to consume their immortal souls."

The Cursed Crusade promises an experience boasting over 90 weapons combos, over 130 weapons and even split-screen co-op. It's out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 11.

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