THQ Believes Apple, Google Will Create Video Games Consoles

By Darryl Kaye on July 13, 2011, 6:16PM EDT
PS4Wii U

THQ's CEO believes that in the next generation of home consoles, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will no longer be duking it out amongst themselves - they will have new competition.

"We believe Apple is going to be there, Google is going to be there," said Brian Farrell when speaking at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco.

However, Farrell then went on to say he's not even sure there will be a new console generation. "Our view is that the next generation of consoles, if there are consoles, are going to be less about technology and more about service orientation of the gamer."

Aside from the iPod/iPhone/iPad series, Apple has dipped into the console market before, with the Apple Bandai Pippin. However, unlike many of Apple's recent products, it was a complete flop and only sold 42,000 units worldwide before being discontinued.


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