We Haven't Given Unreal The Attention It Deserves, Says Epic

By Colin Tan on July 23, 2011, 2:09AM EDT

Epic may potentially go back to Unreal Tournament, the very franchise that shares the same name as the company's engine technology, once the conclusion to the Gears of War trilogy ships this Fall if recent statements by Epic boss Mike Capps are to be believed.

"We have a couple other major franchises that we've not been paying attention to. It's been a long time since we shipped an Unreal game, and it's an awfully loved franchise that we hold pretty dear here. We haven't been giving it the attention it deserves because we've been focusing on Gears of War and we're still a relatively small company," Capps told IndustryGamers.

The last we saw of an Unreal Tournament was back in 2007 with the release of Unreal Tournament III for PC as well as both PS3 and Xbox 360. Since then, it's been Gears all the way for the boys and girls at Epic.

"At some point you wonder why we don't rename the engine the Gears Engine or something," he jokingly said.

In the end, Capps believes that while its good to take risks and bring out new IPs, it's also good business sense to stick with what works.

"We've been sort of focused on making new properties, which you've seen with Shadow Complex, BulletStorm and Infinity Blade, but sometimes I think just as a businessman that maybe we should be spending some more time with our existing franchises."

Source: IndustryGamers

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