Webzen Sues FireFall Developer Red 5 Studios

By Colin Tan on July 13, 2011, 8:35PM EDT

Korean publishing firm Webzen is suing FireFall developer Red 5 Studios for an alleged breach in contract. The firm was slated to publish and handle the Asian release of online team-based shooter FireFall, but developer Red 5 has since attempted to back out of the publishing agreement due to Webzen's "failing to properly market the game."

FireFall developer Red 5 filed for arbitration, seeking termination of their publishing agreement with Webzen as well as the recovery of $5 million unspent dollars.

Webzen, who was in position to publish the game in Asia, claims to have invested $25 million in FireFall, suffering many delays in the last five years as they waited for the developer to finish the game. Webzen is now suing Red 5's Korean office, citing breaches in contract.

Webzen stated that the firm had negotiated an offline test for the game, but Red 5 sought a delay before announcing the testing without Webzen's consent. The firm also alleges that Red 5 Korea had released a press release about Orson Scott Card's work on FireFall without their permission, when the publisher themselves were already preparing their own press release.

"We have been preparing to reveal [the details] at G-star 2011, but we heard Red 5 Korea is trying to attend G-star 2011 independently with FireFall" said a Webzen representative. "So we decided to take a legal action."

Source: Gamasutra

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