Zombie Defense Game Dead Block Hits PSN

By Colin Tan on July 20, 2011, 6:10PM EST

Digital Reality and Candygun Games have announced that their zombie defense game Dead Block has hit PSN complete with, well, the zombie apocalypse and clever survival skills.

"Dead Block is not your typical zombie killing game," said Balazs Horvath, Director of Publishing for Digital Reality. "Rather than just killing zombies, players get to strategically create traps and use a wide variety of attack methods. This fresh twist on a much loved past time - killing the undead - forces players to use their brain while trying to save it from being devoured by undead ghouls."

Players will have to work together by hiding in shelters, boarding up windows and whatever entry-points while simultaneously laying traps to ensnare the walking dead, all on top of blowing their rotting flesh apart with a variety of upgradeable weapons, including nail guns and hamburger bombs.

The single player mode offers 10 levels to survive through. There is also four-player split-screen multiplayer as well as eight additional co-op maps. Dead Block is available for $9.99 on PSN and 800 MP on XBLA.

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