Activision Offers A Helping Hand To Indie Developers

By Beyhan on August 1, 2011, 8:55AM EST

In a bid to try and restore its image within the video games industry, Activision has run a contest called the "Independent Games Competition""

Winners of the first round competition were Dstroyd ( and Rigoauts: Broadside ( who took first and second place respectively. First place won $175,000 and second place won $75,000. Another competition will be announced shortly, where another $250,000 will be up for grabs. This will make the overall prize money $500,000.

Dave Stohl, Activision exec said, "The first round of the competition was very impressive, and we have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to show our commitment to supporting the creative spirit and innovation of independent developers.

"We look forward to continuing to reward independent developers for their remarkable efforts, and inspiring them to turn their dreams into reality."

As of this moment, the contest is only open for US developers, but it is a step in the right direction for inspiring and promoting the ever popular Indie scene. Kudos Activision!

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