Battle Against Deathwing In New World Of Warcraft Patch

By Lauren Alessandra on August 18, 2011, 4:17PM EDT

World of Warcraft's Catalclysm is reaching new heights as the game's lead game designer, Tom Chilton details what players should expect in the game's next patch.

First of all, players will be able to fight against the notorious dragon, Deathwing the Destroyer. There will even be a phase during the battle where players will be fighting on Deathwing's back while he is flying making this one of the most intense World of Warcraft battles to date. This Patch will also include a new feature called 'Raid Finder' which players can use to search for other players online in order to form a raiding party.

Other additions include three new five player dungeons, and new Ethereal-powered abilities. Two of the abilities mentioned were 'transmorgrification' and 'void storage'. The object of 'transmorgrification' is for players to have a bit more fun with armor setups. Basically players will be able to choose different styles of armor no matter how powerful, and combine it with their more powerful armor in order to create new armor sets. Hopefully with this ability in effect, players will start looking less alike in their epic gear and more like individuals. The second addition, 'Void Storage', offers players a place to store all of their extra items. Players can order slots within Void Storage using in-game currency, however, be aware they will cost you a bit extra. By putting extra items in the Void Storage, those items will be stripped of all their enhancements, gems, as well as the name of the person who crafted the item originally.

Players should note that this will be the final patch of the Cataclysm to include new raid content, however, Chilton has mentioned that there will be another expansion, but we're likely not to hear about it for awhile.

Source: Kotaku

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