Beat Hazard Ultra Pumps Its Way To PSN

By Colin Tan on August 9, 2011, 2:01PM EST

Indie developer Steve Hunt, CEO of Cold Beam Games, has announced Beat Hazard Ultra for the PS3. It'll be released through PSN complete with bonus features on top of the mental rhythm-based gameplay.

Beat Hazard's a heart-pumping twin-stick shooter, well, twin-stick on PS3, keyboard and mouse on PC. The indie game's core is that of your music. Simply play to your favourite music tracks and the game will dynamically challenge you with enemy ships, bosses and insane equalizing visuals.

According to Hunt, there are plenty of modes including Standard, Boss Rush and Survival. There's even online co-op, 23 perks to unlock as well as 42 in-game challenges and 14 Trophies.

Beat Hazard Ultra will be out on PSN this coming September. The game was approved by Sony last year and the original game is currently available on PC through Steam.

Source: PS.Blog

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