Bethesda To Sue Minecraft Creator

By Nick Young on August 5, 2011, 3:14PM EST

Indie developer and Minecraft creator, Markus "Notch" Persson, has informed readers through his personal blog that he is being sued by Bethesda over the trademark and his new game, Scrolls.

The lawsuit comes from a trademark applied for a project the Indie developer is currently working on, simply known as "Scrolls". Bethesda, famed for their beloved The Elder Scrolls series, took this as a trademark dispute, claiming that the trademark Scrolls conflicted with their established gaming franchise.

Admitting that he is a Bethesda fan himself, Notch further explained that he has no quarrel with Bethesda and that "Scrolls" is not in any way alluding to their games. Describing the lawsuit as a whole, Notch said, "I assume this nonsense is partly just their lawyers being lawyers, and a result of trademark law being the way it is."

Regardless, the trademark law is believed to be applicable to only the fully named trademark and not individual words within. After researching the law, Notch believes that Bethesda doesn't have much of a case but the lawsuit is still being taken seriously.

Today, Notch recieved a 15 page document from a Swedish law firm demanding that he cease using the name Scrolls, that they will be sueing and that they expect a large sum of money before the legal process begins.

Believed to be an automated response from said lawyer firm, Notch simply hopes "Bethesda isn't pulling a Tim Langdell."

Source: The Word of Notch

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