Diablo III To Feature Auction House That Takes Real Money

By Adam Ma on August 1, 2011, 11:00PM EDT

In a bold move that will most likely shatter the lives of millions of gamers and make a few gold farmers able to list their job as a real profession, Blizzard has announced that Diablo III will feature an auction house, and one that takes not only in game gold, but real money as well. DiabloFans have been kind enough to lay out all the details, but the main points should be enough to turn any dungeon crawler's head:

-Players can sell/trade any item they pick up in game, and post in on the Auction House for either gold or real world currency.

-The currency will be regionalized depending on what region you're playing in.

-Selling items for real money will work just like WoW's AH, posting requires a deposit for either gold or cash which should be a fixed sum that has yet to be disclosed.

-The cash AH can be used by anyone, this is not a premium service and there is no subscription related to its use.

It's definitely some cool stuff, but there are quite a few questions that aren't so easy to answer. What will stop gold farmers from inflating the cash items? What service will be attached to individual Battle.net accounts to get the cash from the site to the bank? How much time will be needed to dedicate to farming before I can quit my job and spend the rest of my days killing skeletons?

Source: DiabloFans

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