Disgaea 3 Return For PSVita To Be Playable At Tokyo Game Show 2011

By Colin Tan on August 10, 2011, 5:01AM EST

Dengeki PlayStation recently confirmed Disgaea 3 Return for the PlayStation Vita, complete with all released downloadable content as well as four brand new scenarios. No word on a release date yet, but the game is said to be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

In the interview with Dengeki (translated by Andriasang), Nippon Ichi Software CEO Sohei Niikawa revealed that current plans puts a playable version of Disgaea 3 Return at TGS 2011. The four new scenarios are set after the main timeline and are meant to focus on the side characters. One of these four features two new characters. Niikawa also mentions that the last of the four is quite long, to the point that it can be described as having five scenarios.

Niikawa notes that the sprite resolution will not be upgraded to Disgaea 4's higher resolutions, as the team was more focused on adding more content to the game. He assures fans that it looks great on the PSVita OLED screen.

Disgaea 3 Return will be used as a gauge to determine what other titles Nippon Ichi Software will be bringing to the PSVita.

Source: Andriasang

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