Games Have 'Total Victory' Over Apple

By Colin Tan on August 4, 2011, 2:51PM EDT

Apple's iOS devices have become outrageously popular when it comes to social and casual games, with the large majority of users spending a good chunk of their time playing on their iPad or iPhone or even both, despite Apple's attempts to market the device as something more professional.

Speaking with Edge, Seamus Blackley, one of the names behind the Xbox, has said that "it's a total victory" for games and that platforms like iOS and Facebook are merely new consoles.

"All kinds of people are releasing consoles. They're called iPads, and Facebook. What's happened is not that the console business has died, it's that it has won," Blackley said. "You can't release a device that's not a console now, and if you release one that can't be a good console, it will fail."

Talking about Apple, Blackley noted that "they hated videogames. The victory of games is utterly complete with Apple. It's a total victory. They tried real hard to make the iPad about word processing and music, and the audience just doesn't want it. It's beautiful. You don't need to have a games strategy anymore.

"You need to have a strategy so that your platform isn't disadvantaged in playing games, because gaming is going to be the number one activity on any platform. The highest calling of any digital device is to play a game."

Source: IndustryGamers

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