Hard Reset Dev: We Don't Want To Create 'Boring' Mainstream Games

By Colin Tan on August 31, 2011, 5:06AM EDT

Mainstream shooter games have become boring, according to Hard Reset developer Flying Wild Hog. Speaking with GameFront, the developer explained that they are building a game for old school gamers with a strong emphasis on the sci-fi, cyberpunk story and not another "generic" modern shooter.

"All those modern shooters are about terrorists "“ after playing all those Call Of Duty games, I sometimes feel like I will open my fridge and a terrorist will pop-out to shoot me. Boring," said Flying Wild Hog CEO Michal Szustak. "We don't want to create mainstream games, because those are boring. We made a game for all those, who are tired with all the generic anti-terrorist shooters."

Flying Wild Hog are sticking with their guns as Hard Reset features mechanics more akin to older games like Doom and Quake where reloading weapons aren't required and health packs are scattered around instead of regenerating health, encouraging the player to constantly be on the move instead of taking and shooting from cover.

In addition, Hard Reset is solely a single player experience: "Our entire team worked for two years to prepare the best possible single player experience. We could split our team and we could try adding multiplayer, but that would certainly affect the quality of our single player. Also, it's rather unlikely that we would create a multiplayer mode that could successfully compete with games focused on multiplayer only. So what's the point? We believe that by concentrating on a single goal "“ an old-school single-player experience we are sure we can deliver for the gamers' satisfaction "“ is more important."

Hard Reset will be released via Steam exclusively for PC for only $29.99 in September. Szustak noted that it's unlikely there will be a console port of the cyberpunk shooter.

Source: GameFront

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