Motorstorm Apocalypse Gets Massive Update, Adds New Mode Editor

By Colin Tan on August 12, 2011, 2:31AM EST

Motorstorm Apocalypse just received a pretty hefty update, adding more than just improvements to the core gameplay. True to Sony's Play, Create, Share motto, SCEA Producer Daimion Pinnock introduced the new Mode Editor among other updates.

The Mode Editor allows players to create their own custom modes and share them online with the rest of the Motorstorm community.

"The possibilities are vast: Tweak the standard Race mode so that vehicle attacks are disabled"¦or set-up a five-round Eliminator mode, on mirrored tracks, for 15 Monster Trucks and 1 Buggy, with moon gravity, infinite boost and no brakes"¦or do something completely unexpected "“ we can't wait to see what you come up with." exclaimed Pinnock.

In addition, you can now customize and share your vehicle designs, or head on over to to download your favourite skins to use for yourself. Uploading your designs can be done through the game and other players will be able to see them immediately. Vice versa, you can download a skin from the website and it'll be sitting in Customization the next time you sign into the game.

Other additions in the update include support for a variety of PS3 steering wheel peripherals, as well as the PlayStation Move. Supported steering wheels include the Logitech G25, Logitech G27, Logitech Driving Force GT and Logitech Driving Force Pro. Updates also include improvements like new racer clan tags, changes to the betting system where bets are won should a rival disconnect, and lobby privacy where private lobbies can only be joined via invitation.

The community website was also updated to cover the most recent profile stats as well as add a mobile version of the website, allowing users to use any internet enabled mobile device to keep up to date with all things Motorstorm.

Source: PS.Blog

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