Persona 4 Coming To Vita, ARC Systems Works Working On Persona Fighting Game

By Shawn Collier on August 30, 2011, 8:34PM EDT

Just recently Atlus's main Japanese put up a Persona-related website that utilized Persona 4-esque colors and font styling but didn't reveal much else. A recent leak from a Japanese blogger for the upcoming issue of Famitsu appears to reveal what the site is about --- and it's Persona 4 related.

The first bit of news is that Sony's PlayStation Vita will be getting a port of Persona 4 entitled Persona 4 The Golden. It will include the following additions and will be available in 2012 in Japan:

  • A new character named Mary (possibly a female main character ala P3P?).
  • 1.5x the voice-overs compared to the PS2 version.
  • Wireless support for calling on others to help you when you're about to die in a dungeon.
  • Other elements that fans of the original game requested.
  • New opening anime with a new song from Shouji Meguro.
  • New animated cutscenes.

The second bit of news is that ARC System Works will be working on a Persona 4-themed 2D fighter called Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. The developer might sound familiar to some people as they are the people behind the critically popular BlazBlue series. The game will take place two years after the events of Persona 4 and will include characters from Persona 3 and 4. The game will be released in arcades next Spring and will come to the PS3 and Xbox 360 next Summer in Japan.

Famitsu also briefly talks about Persona 5. No major details were revealed but they did state that basic preparation for the game had been completed and the usual series staff are staying on for the title, which includes Katsura Hashino as director, Shigenori Soejima as character designer, and Shouji Meguro as the main composer.

Atlus's North American branch hasn't commented on either game's release so right now the release dates are for Japan only.

Source: Sinobi

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