Poll: 30 Percent Of Japanese 3DS Owners Suffer Buyer's Remorse

By Colin Tan on August 4, 2011, 5:59PM EDT

A recent poll conducted by Japanese gaming site 4Gamer (translated by Daniel Feit) revealed that, out of a group of 4,500 participants, a good 30 percent of 3DS owners felt "anger or regret" about the recently announced price cut. Participants also stated that the 3DS Ambassador Programme does little to make up.

49.4 percent of 3DS owners were disappointed with the current software lineup, feeling that it is not satisfactory at all, while 45.7 percent said that they have no plans to purchase upcoming titles like Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart 7.

Of those who don't own a 3DS, only 5.4 percent said that they plan to buy one. 42.1 percent of that group pointed at the unremarkable software lineup while 15.3 percent said they'll never buy one. A whopping 65.2 percent of the group revealed that they were thinking of purchasing Sony's PlayStation Vita instead.

Not exactly the best of news for Nintendo. Will the 3DS be able to perform better with the price cut and the upcoming holiday season, or is it all doom and gloom now that the PSVita is upon the horizon?

Source: Gamasutra

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