Rocksteady Reveal Mr Freeze In Batman: Arkham City

By Nick Young on August 15, 2011, 10:11AM EDT

Rocksteady have released a new character trailer for their upcoming game, Batman: Arkham City. This time the focus is on Dr. Victor Fries (aka Mr Freeze), a rather demented and brilliant scientist who became unhinged due to past events in his life.

The trailer keeps Mr. Freeze's story and background a mystery to new fans of Batman, though it is unclear on the specific storyline Rocksteady will be using. However, as a suspected boss fight, Mr Freeze seems a worthy opponent for Batman due to a personal shield and a gun with which to freeze things.

The set-up seems reminiscent of the Vulcan Raven battle from the Metal Gear Solid series where the main character Snake had to avoid his enemy and perform sneak attacks whilst keeping hidden from sight. But that's just my guess, it's only a trailer after all.

Source: Youtube

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